September 19, 2006

In a perfect world none of us would have stress, in the real world it seems like we all have it. I know I do, which is part of the reason I have not been able to write, I am just damn busy with work and TAFM.

But while I have a moment, I wanted to talk about stress and what it does to our bodies, in a non technical way. When I was a food addict I would eat when I was stressed. Working late at the office meant grabbing fast food, and staying up late while I ate some junk food. That is one of the primary reasons I got so big. But I have learned from it.

These days I tend to not let stress effect me so much, and when it does get to me I do not turn to food. For me stress slows down my metabolism, making it easier to put on weight, and thus eating during those times is simply not a good idea.

Other people I know lose weight when they are stressed. But I have found that those people are either to stressed to eat, or so stressed they end up vomiting soon after. This is not healthy either.

In a perfect world I could just go for a walk when I am stressed, but work does not like when I disappear for 20 minutes. So what I do now is go out on the deck here at work for a couple of minutes and relax. Then I come back in and make a nice hot cup of tea.

Tea is great for a few reasons. I drink green tea, which is loaded with antioxidants. Second, hot tea is sweet, so it can kill a sugar craving, and because it is hot it takes some time for me to drink it, thus outlasting any other craving I may have.

By the time the tea is gone I have warmed up and I feel more relaxed, thus helping to reduce or eliminate my stress.

If you like tea, and you should there are about a million flavors, give it a whirl the next time you are stressed or have a craving, you may just find tea time replaces snack time.


Some Rambling

September 14, 2006

So it has been a while. Let me tell you about my life recently. On September 1st we moved into our new apartment. It was trashed. The people who lived here before us left so much stuff. Making matters even more fun was the fact that our reality company took a week to clean it up. So lucky us got to live in clutter and trash for a week. Because of this hassle we have asked the realitor to reduce our rent for this month and give us some of our brokers fee back. I am not too optimistic we will get either, but those of you who know me know that when I get pissed off I take action. So if they do not reach a compromise with us we will be reporting them every government agency under the sun. Work has been great, although I have a feeling it is going to be a long few months. We are nearing certain deadlines we have to meet, which means everyone is working late. The good news is they provide us with food if we stay late, the bad news is that it is not always the healthiest stuff. So on those nights I just make it a point to only have small servings, or I take more veggies or something. Fattle is going good. I walk every day, mostly because of work, and as I said last time I am going to be getting a gym membership soon. I have spoken with a gym near my house and they said they can help me out. I will get a 6 month membership to start, and at least in the beginning, work with a trainer to figure out the best exercise for me. I am excited, as fattle enters a new phase I know that I will be entering a new phase as well. Between the move and work things have been stressful. In the past I would have turned to food for comfort, but so far I have not had that set back. This weekend I plan on relaxing, maybe go to a bar Sunday for the football game, maybe watch a movie, something other than going out I assume. I like a lower key life style, at least socially. Some people say that means I am a shut in, but I disagree. I have fun with the people I know. Why go to a club where I am crammed in there yelling over music when I can stay home and play drinking games with friends. Happiness is key guys, and I am very happy right now. With some luck I will get that promotion at work and then things will really start moving. Cheers, Ryan

Good News, I am not Dead

September 8, 2006

Well I know this update is long overdue, but without the internet at my house updating Fattle was impossible. I am glad to say I have stayed on my diet, stayed on my walking program, and am about to take it to the next level…a gym membership. I will keep you all posted on that.

In general my life is great. Living with my friends is going great, and I made it home last weekend and everyone I saw said I looked better. That kind of support is great.

Starting on Monday I will get back to keeping you up to date with my calorie intake, and with some luck I will have more gym info to share.

k, so it has not been that long, but it feels like it.

Breakfast Burrito 250 Calories
Quesadilla 800 Calories
Wrap 400 Calories

Total 1450

BB 250 Calories
Hot dogs and baked beans 800 Calories
Enchaladas 700 Calories


BB 250 Calories
Reuben 700 Calories
Thai Dinner 700 Calories

total 1650

hanging in there, feeling good, working long hours, GO ME!

Major Update

August 14, 2006


Been a while, too long really.  My apologies, not having the internet has been a drag, and its going to be at least another week.


Breakfast Burrito 250 Calories

Beans and Franks 500 Calories

Burrito 500 Calories

Snickers 250 Calories

Total 1500


Breakfast Burrito 250 Calories

Wrap 500 Calories

Curry 700 Calories

Propel 40 Calories

Total 1490


Breakfast Burrito 250 Calories

Turkey Sandwhich 250 Calories

Pizza 500 Calories

Pizza again 500 Calories

Total 1500 Calories


I went for a 5 mile walk, Go me

General Gau Chinese 1200 Calories

Teriyaki Bowl 250 Calories

Total 1450 Calories


Grilled Seafood Platter (awesome) 700 Calories

Sushi 700 Calories

Total 1400 Calories

It was a low key weekend, I worked on my article for the new job, I feel great about it, confident and all that.  Hopefully I know by the end of the week.



I Am DOne With Dell

August 10, 2006

I am done with dell, they still havnt shipped my plug ,resulting in a lack of updates.


Breakfast Burrito 250 Calories

Wrap 500 Calories

Steamed Brocoli (at work) 100 Calories

Sushi (at home) 700 Calories

Propel 20

Total 1570


Breafast Burrito 350 Calories (they put sausage in it)

Turkey Pastrami Sandwhich 500 Calories

Cheese Burrito, Rice, Beans, 600 Calories

Propel 20 Calories

Total 1450

As for the cold, I still have a little cough but I am living.  I need to get back to work, so I will talk to you all again soon.

Well for the next few days I will be back to basic living, and by that I mean no internet at home.  Those cheap bastards at Dell, who love to make crappy laptops, need a few days to send me the part that broke so I can fix it.  Everyone I know who owns a dell laptop has had a problem with it within the first year of owning it.  Is it that hard to make a laptop where the plug doesn’t break or the power source stays in tact?  It isn’t like we are just dropping these things off of a roof for fun.

Aside from that, things at the house are nice and quiet.  The girls and I watched The Secret the other night, an interesting documentary about the power of the Law of Attraction.  I reccomend it as this movie really got me thinking about a lot of things and I plan on using what I have learned in my daily life.

Now for Calories

Sunday I was still sick, but I did man up and eat some pizza that night.

4 freezie pops 240 calories

pizza 800 calories

total 1040

Yesterday I still had a cough, but I was back to a normal eating schedule

Breakfast Burrito 250 Calories

Chicken Salad Wrap 500 Calories

Pita Chips 200 Calories

Slice of Pizza 300 Calories

Green Tea with Honey 120 Calories (times two)

Freezie pop 60 Calories


The test over the next week and a half will be working late without eating pizza.  We have a big deadline coming up so I will be here during the dinner hour, and while work does order us pizza I am going to do my best to avoid it.  If I do have some, I will only eat in moderation, which so far has worked for me when it comes to pizza.

Since I am at work I should probably get back to doing my job.